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How to YouTube!

You guys! Help is on the way! THEVirtualFrank explains how to use YouTube:

0.20: “Today I’ll be showing you how to use YouTube, so you can watch my shows, or post your own.”
0.38: On signing up for a YouTube account: “It’s not rocket science, however, it can be difficult to fill in the verification box.”

I’m all set now!


The interwebs

A few rules of thumb:

1. Videos from 1990-2000 about the internet will always be hilarious.

2. Videos from 1980-1990 about the possibility of having (something resembling) an internet will always have a certain cute factor.

3. Videos before 1980 about the possibility of having (something resembling) an internet will always be amazing.

To demonstrate these rules, I have started to make a YouTube playlist. It’s still a random list, but I will keep adding new videos and ordering according to the rules above. Examples of the rules:

1. Moms on the net

2. 1981 Electronic newspaper

3. Douglas Engelbart’s Mother of All Demos from 1968, talking about ARPA and networked information sharing.

Of course, computers and internet were foreseen at least as early as the 19th century. For instance, Charles Cutter wrote an article in 1883 in the Library Journal called ‘The Buffalo Public Library in 1983’ and said: “The desks had … a little key-board at each, connected by a wire. The reader had only to find the mark of his book in the catalog, touch a few lettered or numbered keys, and [the book] appeared after an astonishingly short interval.” (Source: this great video called The Web That Wasn’t, a Google Tech Talk by Alex Wright)

Or just look at this 1879 cartoon from Punch talking about Edison’s telephonoscope which depicts a family talking to their family far, far ways on a giant videophone device.

Anything missing? I know there is, just leave your suggestions in the comments or on my Twitter.


YouTube as an archive – Hocus Pocus by Focus

I love going through YouTube and uncovering real historical gems. It feels like you are digging through this amazing archive, a plethora of information. Even though it contains many things not relevant to your interests like any other archive there are some truly historical audiovisual delicacies to be found. Of course, YouTube is not an archive in the true sense of the word, at least the way I personally see it, since videos disappear all the time (removed because of copyright breaches, people delete them or their entire accounts) and longevity is not YouTube’s concern at all. Yet, rummaging through the enormous collection, you do feel like a media archaeologist, and mighty proud if you uncover something you thought was lost, or at least very hard to find and to access. Recently I found a video of the Dutch band Focus performing their hit Hocus Pocus, and it did feel like finding a treasure (even though it already has 4,199,061 views!). An amazing performance, most likely uploaded by an avid fan, and I would not know where else to find it out in the open, except on YouTube. Enjoy.

Recorded October 5, 1973. Introduction by Gladys Knight.

Oh, and when this link is broken, please let me know, even if it’s five years from now. I’ll to find it again. It will be out there somewhere.

Living archive


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